propositions for principles of art philosophy in practice, a production phenomenon

Here is the score:

Six Exhibits

First wall
Second wall
Third wall
Fourth wall

George Brecht, 1961

You say you want a revolution:
‘I’m fed up with everything’ Miuccia Prada (Financial Times, Sept 21, 2013)

Hi, I’m just back in London. Are you making any interesting stuff at the mo?
You working on something? Come to news of the world space or drop me an email to meet at yours.
Tbh I’m bored of the push notification feeds I get in my gmail, names doing the rounds, best in show and pedigrees…
But I’d quite like to hear what you are up to: that’s the show, and it’s a conversation towards the coming year’s programme. Think syntopicon in panavision, research in motion and art theory in practice… Get in touch! X

Sept-Oct 2013